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Origin Aluminium, founded in 2005, is a national producer of Aluminium and Glass architectural products. It was the brainchild of Grant Kalil (CEO) who, together with Grant Saville (Western Cape and Group COO), Kevin Minnaar (Gauteng), Rajen Naicker (KwaZulu Natal), Kisten Naicker (Freestate), Charles Honeywill (Eastern Cape) and Brett Kalil (Group FD) have between them over 175 years of experience in the industry.

This energized and experienced team was given an enormous boost with Neville Kalil taking up the role of chairman of the group. Neville was a co-founder of Kal Aluminium and brought to Origin a wealth of experience and respect from the industry. His technical and management skills, combined with the dynamic approach of the younger members of the team, have all contributed to the success of Origin as a reliable supplier of quality, ready-to-install, finished products at competitive prices.

With manufacturing facilities in Gauteng, the Western & Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal and the Free State, Origin’s objective is to become the vehicle via which its clientele can prosper by confidently concentrating their efforts on negotiating and winning contracts instead of concerning themselves with the problematic issues surrounding manufacturing. Through improved efficiencies, innovative design and motivated support teams, Origin believes it is able to make their products quicker than and at least as well as any other manufacturer.

Sales, financial, manufacturing and support staff have all been handpicked in all regions and consist of highly motivated and energized individuals, experienced in the industry and fully committed to the success of their various portfolios within the company. Many staff members enjoy equity in the company, further incentivising their efforts.

Origin is an AAAMSA member and continuously tests its products to the strict requirements of the new building regulations regarding deflection, glazing, water and air infiltration. Origin’s domestic patio door became the first in the country to adhere to the SANS 10400 and 10137 wind deflection tests, whilst our Casement window has been successfully tested to the AAAMSA A3 rating. In 2009, further successful tests were achieved on the Vertical Slider (A1), the Horizontal Slider (A2), the Side Hung window (A1), the Curtain Wall (A4) and the Shopfront (A3). Our products have been designed with these specifications in mind as well as factors such as aesthetics, handling, installation and cost. R and D work has also begun on the upcoming new energy regulations.

During 2013, Origin Aluminium achieved the much sought after SAFIERA Energy Rating Certifications for the Origin Patio Door and the Origin 340 Casement Window. This certification provides home owners, architects & builders all the necessary energy and mechanical performance information required when building a new home and planning for optimal energy efficiency. Both certificates together with all the ratings & results are available for download on our website www.origingroup.co.za

Sound relationships with top suppliers and market leaders, put Origin Aluminium in a position to fully service its market in all aspects and as one of the very few independent manufacturers in the Aluminium Industry, it has the ability to adapt and implement new ideas to cater for the ever changing needs of the market.

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